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Hello... Is It You We’re Looking for?

Here at Kilo Health, we are always looking to add more raw, authentic, and unique people to our team, especially those looking to learn, grow their knowledge and value.

Now more than ever, knowing how to work social media advertising can give you a definite competitive advantage. Studying and mastering skills such as Facebook ads marketing can ensure your future in the constantly changing business world.

Knowing this, we started the Kilo Health Facebook Ads Academy. Now all those interested can have the chance to bolster their skills and start creating winning Facebook ads in the course of 1 to 2 months.

So don’t miss the chance to learn free of charge. Furthermore, once done, if we click, you’ll have the chance to stay and become one of Kilo Health's self-proclaimed majestic unicorns.

What Exactly Is Kilo Health PPC Academy?

We won’t dive into the numerous details of what the Kilo Health academy will cover. But we will say that in the end, you should become a pretty strong Facebook ads user. Some of the key things you will learn in our course will be:

- How to create and manage successful ad campaigns
- Key tactics, principles and processes to meet your marketing goals
- What constitutes a well-working website, copy, and ad
- Extra tools that support Facebook ads management

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You should know this before applying

If we’re honest, the course will be a pretty tight one. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to Facebook ads. Over the learning period, we will share some additional materials to study before each lesson to make sure we spend our time most effectively.

What would be useful to know before starting the course:
- General knowledge of marketing and advertising. What makes people engage with companies/brands and consume their products or services.
- Some beginner knowledge of how Facebook ads operate and how the interface of their ads manager tool looks.
- General digital marketing knowledge. A broad general understanding of key digital marketing goals and functions should help.

Prove you can get where you want to be

Learning with Kilo Health digital marketing team is a fantastic opportunity. Sure, there’s the work itself, but then there’s the experience that comes from working with other like-minded people. You will learn new things, advance your career, and build connections along the way. There’s a lot to be gained from learning and working with talented individuals who can help you get where you want to go.

The end goal is you becoming a valuable part Kilo Health's digital squad!

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